Congrats to my brother William

Last night we went to Marshall to watch my brother William Baumbach be installed as the Master of his Masonic Lodge. As a woman I have mixed emotions about how the Masons only allow men to be members, but I respect the fact that it is still an organization that tries to help men to be better men. And I try to remind myself that there are still organizations that only allow women to join, so it is what it is. The biggest reason that I would want women to be able to join the Masons is the opportunity that it would provide for women to network with the other members; to be able to further the progression of their earning potential. I don’t like to think that I’m being greedy here – it is just that so many American families are finding themselves relying on the income of the woman to survive, and the income of the woman will continue to suffer as long as there are large organizations like this that will not allow women to become members.

Well, this is interesting – I had no intentions of writing about this topic of male-only organizations, networking and income. I had actually intended to write about how I proud I am of my brother for being elected to the top position of his lodge. Congrats William! I know that this is a big honor and you deserve it!


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