Organizing hair accessories

This morning I was reading a post on Facebook from one of my friends. She was lamenting that she loses a lot of elastic bands that she wears in her hair. That struck me as so funny – I wear elastic bands in my hair every day – I don’t think I’ve ever lost one! I wear them until they break or get so stretched out that they don’t work anymore.

For my hair bands I keep them in my bathroom because that is where I usually “do” my hair. I usually put a couple of them around the cap of my Scope mouthwash bottle that I keep on the counter. The larger “scruncii” types I keep in a basket under my sink. Also in that basket are hair pins, clips, barrettes.

I feel a little bit guilty admitting that I keep some around the cap of the Scope mouthwash bottle, and maybe “coming out” like this will motivate me to change that. Seeing as I am a One Stroke Certified Instructor and used to do decorative painting before that bus accident left my hands too crippled up to paint without a lot of pain, I do have a few painted objects around the house that I could actually use to store those hair bands in a more attractive way. For example, the slender neck of a hand painted wine bottle would be a prettier way to do that! In fact, I think that the next time I walk past that wine bottle that is gathering dust on top of my display hutch I will grab it and relocate it to the bathroom!


Happy New Year 2013!

Looking back at 2012, there have been a lot of challenges thrown at my family, and at me. Finances have been terrible, and family conflicts have been frequent. There have been so many times when I have been asked to be the mediator between feuding family members that I have started to feel like Judge Judy!

There have been several times during the year when key family members fell ill – seriously ill, and the way that the family (and extended family) has responded to those circumstances has had far-reaching consequences in the grand scheme of family relationships. It is hard to be grateful for illnesses, but in some cases it takes a major stress like this to get people to open their eyes and see others more clearly. And for that, I am grateful. I wonder what the new year has in store for us.