Everybody’s Talking Karaoke!

For almost a year now, I’ve been going to the Inn At Kelly’s Ford on some Thursday nights, to dance to people singing karaoke songs (if they are a fast song!) Sometimes I’ve been brave and gotten up and sung a few songs.

My hubby purchased a karaoke machine for me as a gift for Christmas last year, and I’ve started to buy some Karaoke discs from Amazon and Ebay to use at home, to practice and have fun. Sometimes my sister joins me, sometimes one of my kids joins me, and sometimes my sister’s grand daughter comes over and sings with the machine. It really has been a lot more fun than I expected it to be!

I’ve been trying in vain to find a karaoke disc of Harry Nilsson’s song “Everybody’s Talkin” I have even found it impossible to find a version on YouTube that doesn’t have someone else singing along!

I found this online, and am sharing the link now on this post so that I can come back here myself and find it again and practice to it! I was hoping it would actually embed the video, but it doesn’t. (sad face.)

If you want to see the video, you will have to click on the link below. Don’t know why it isn’t embedding the video like a YouTube video embeds. Sorry about that!

Maybe you’ll give it a try yourself. Who know, you might enjoy it!


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