Organizing hair accessories

This morning I was reading a post on Facebook from one of my friends. She was lamenting that she loses a lot of elastic bands that she wears in her hair. That struck me as so funny – I wear elastic bands in my hair every day – I don’t think I’ve ever lost one! I wear them until they break or get so stretched out that they don’t work anymore.

For my hair bands I keep them in my bathroom because that is where I usually “do” my hair. I usually put a couple of them around the cap of my Scope mouthwash bottle that I keep on the counter. The larger “scruncii” types I keep in a basket under my sink. Also in that basket are hair pins, clips, barrettes.

I feel a little bit guilty admitting that I keep some around the cap of the Scope mouthwash bottle, and maybe “coming out” like this will motivate me to change that. Seeing as I am a One Stroke Certified Instructor and used to do decorative painting before that bus accident left my hands too crippled up to paint without a lot of pain, I do have a few painted objects around the house that I could actually use to store those hair bands in a more attractive way. For example, the slender neck of a hand painted wine bottle would be a prettier way to do that! In fact, I think that the next time I walk past that wine bottle that is gathering dust on top of my display hutch I will grab it and relocate it to the bathroom!


Duct tape wallets

duct tap wallets

duct tape wallets

Several years ago I was watching the Carol Duvall television show on HGTV.  I can’t remember the exact date of that, but I was still living in Maine at the time, so it had to be before 2006. Sadly the Carol Duvall show is no longer ON HGTV – I absolutely LOVED that show and I miss it dearly. Anyway, one of the episodes was showing one of her frequent guests, Mary O’Neil, the velvet queen making duct tape wallets and embellishing them with embossed velvet. I looked to see if I could include a link to a video of that demonstration, but can’t seem to find one. (Note to self – find that old tape and consider putting it on YouTube if not a violation of some copyright law.)

I was fascinated with how she made the duct tape wallets and was really glad that I recorded the program so I could watch it several times to watch the demonstration repeatedly. (I always recorded her programs) and then downloaded the instructions from the Internet.) I have made a lot of duct tape wallets since then. I have NOT embellished them with velvet, and I have modified them slightly here and there, but the general premise is the same. They are easy and fun to make, and fun to give them as gifts to people who are hard to shop for – especially if you put a gift card inside. I love to make them for men and put a gift card to Home Depot in there! (Yes, I make AND sell them for $10 each. If you want to buy one from me drop me a note! – I will US Mail them anywhere in the continental USA for $1 to cover shipping.)

There are a great variety of colors of duct tape – even camouflage and tie dye! I made a couple of camouflage wallets and gave them to people in the military, and to hunters – they LOVED them! And I made a tie-dye one for my good friend Helen (of Milky Wave Tie Dye) for a Christmas gift several years ago.  I don’t know if she ever used it, but she got a big kick out of it, and that made me happy!

No-sew blue jean valance

window treatment using blue jeans

I am a big fan of recycling and repurposing items. And I enjoy being creative and trying new things. So when I decided that my kitchen curtains were just too ratty to keep using, I wanted to try something that no one else that I knew would have done. I had been saving old blue jeans to be cutting pieces from them to try to make a quilt, and I hated to throw away the upper parts of the jeans that would not be used for the quilt. I was watching a television show about decorating tips and there was a tip about using blue jean uppers to make throw pillows. The thought occurred to me that they would be really cute window valances! And so it came to be… I get a lot of compliments from people when they come to the house and see them for the first time. Believe it or not, there was no sewing involved!