Everybody’s Talking Karaoke!

For almost a year now, I’ve been going to the Inn At Kelly’s Ford on some Thursday nights, to dance to people singing karaoke songs (if they are a fast song!) Sometimes I’ve been brave and gotten up and sung a few songs.

My hubby purchased a karaoke machine for me as a gift for Christmas last year, and I’ve started to buy some Karaoke discs from Amazon and Ebay to use at home, to practice and have fun. Sometimes my sister joins me, sometimes one of my kids joins me, and sometimes my sister’s grand daughter comes over and sings with the machine. It really has been a lot more fun than I expected it to be!

I’ve been trying in vain to find a karaoke disc of Harry Nilsson’s song “Everybody’s Talkin” I have even found it impossible to find a version on YouTube that doesn’t have someone else singing along!

I found this online, and am sharing the link now on this post so that I can come back here myself and find it again and practice to it! I was hoping it would actually embed the video, but it doesn’t. (sad face.)

If you want to see the video, you will have to click on the link below. Don’t know why it isn’t embedding the video like a YouTube video embeds. Sorry about that!

Maybe you’ll give it a try yourself. Who know, you might enjoy it!

Organizing hair accessories

This morning I was reading a post on Facebook from one of my friends. She was lamenting that she loses a lot of elastic bands that she wears in her hair. That struck me as so funny – I wear elastic bands in my hair every day – I don’t think I’ve ever lost one! I wear them until they break or get so stretched out that they don’t work anymore.

For my hair bands I keep them in my bathroom because that is where I usually “do” my hair. I usually put a couple of them around the cap of my Scope mouthwash bottle that I keep on the counter. The larger “scruncii” types I keep in a basket under my sink. Also in that basket are hair pins, clips, barrettes.

I feel a little bit guilty admitting that I keep some around the cap of the Scope mouthwash bottle, and maybe “coming out” like this will motivate me to change that. Seeing as I am a One Stroke Certified Instructor and used to do decorative painting before that bus accident left my hands too crippled up to paint without a lot of pain, I do have a few painted objects around the house that I could actually use to store those hair bands in a more attractive way. For example, the slender neck of a hand painted wine bottle would be a prettier way to do that! In fact, I think that the next time I walk past that wine bottle that is gathering dust on top of my display hutch I will grab it and relocate it to the bathroom!

Happy New Year 2013!

Looking back at 2012, there have been a lot of challenges thrown at my family, and at me. Finances have been terrible, and family conflicts have been frequent. There have been so many times when I have been asked to be the mediator between feuding family members that I have started to feel like Judge Judy!

There have been several times during the year when key family members fell ill – seriously ill, and the way that the family (and extended family) has responded to those circumstances has had far-reaching consequences in the grand scheme of family relationships. It is hard to be grateful for illnesses, but in some cases it takes a major stress like this to get people to open their eyes and see others more clearly. And for that, I am grateful. I wonder what the new year has in store for us.


Congrats to my brother William

Last night we went to Marshall to watch my brother William Baumbach be installed as the Master of his Masonic Lodge. As a woman I have mixed emotions about how the Masons only allow men to be members, but I respect the fact that it is still an organization that tries to help men to be better men. And I try to remind myself that there are still organizations that only allow women to join, so it is what it is. The biggest reason that I would want women to be able to join the Masons is the opportunity that it would provide for women to network with the other members; to be able to further the progression of their earning potential. I don’t like to think that I’m being greedy here – it is just that so many American families are finding themselves relying on the income of the woman to survive, and the income of the woman will continue to suffer as long as there are large organizations like this that will not allow women to become members.

Well, this is interesting – I had no intentions of writing about this topic of male-only organizations, networking and income. I had actually intended to write about how I proud I am of my brother for being elected to the top position of his lodge. Congrats William! I know that this is a big honor and you deserve it!

Crazy lady on Facebook

Nancy Marxen barges in uninvited on my Facebook account

Today I was minding my own business on Facebook when a lady I had never heard of before sent me a private message that was both political and religious, and I found to be contrary to my own beliefs. I responded to her telling her that I don’t know who she is and to please not message me again, that I did not share her beliefs. Then she replied with thinly veiled “threats” of my eternal damnation.  I asked her a second time to not message me again. Then I think she must have taken some action to block me because when I wrote that if she continued to contact me that I would report her to Facebook as harassing me, but that message would not “send.” When I clicked on her Facebook link I was shown an error page, so I think she probably blocked me before I could block her. But I have reported her to Facebook just the same, and saved a screenshot of the dialogue.

I am trying to put a copy of that screenshot here on this post, so I can then post it to Facebook. It sounds like a crazy long way around, but I’m not having any luck with Facebook itself. so, let us see what happens here!

And folks, I know this is crazy silly political season. I really don’t want to have political discussions on this blog. This post really is about crazy people barging in uninvited to Facebook and making fools out of themselves. So please, spare me the politics and the religion, OK? Thank you!

No-sew blue jean valance

window treatment using blue jeans

I am a big fan of recycling and repurposing items. And I enjoy being creative and trying new things. So when I decided that my kitchen curtains were just too ratty to keep using, I wanted to try something that no one else that I knew would have done. I had been saving old blue jeans to be cutting pieces from them to try to make a quilt, and I hated to throw away the upper parts of the jeans that would not be used for the quilt. I was watching a television show about decorating tips and there was a tip about using blue jean uppers to make throw pillows. The thought occurred to me that they would be really cute window valances! And so it came to be… I get a lot of compliments from people when they come to the house and see them for the first time. Believe it or not, there was no sewing involved!

Hand made or ready made – quality or quantity

Craft vendor table of my hand made crafts

I love to craft. I love to sew, quilt, knit, crochet, and do decorative painting. For several years after I retired I spent all of my free time crafting. I liked to think that I would make things for my friends and family for Christmas presents and they would love them. And there were times when I thought that I might be able to sell some of the items that I made, for a profit. Some people think that there are folks “out there” that are willing to pay more for a quality, hand made item. So far I have not met very many of them! Most of the people that I meet and talk with would prefer to save money by shopping at flea markets and at Wal-Mart. We have become a disposable society and do not value hand made items as much as we used to. When someone makes something by hand, just for me, I am thrilled. That is a huge act of love, something that I cherish much more than material objects. But most of the people that I know have a different perspective – they want more items and they want to get as many of them as they can get for as little money as possible.

The ready made items are usually made in a foreign country, and are of a lower quality than what you can sew yourself. So before I sew (or buy) an item of clothing I ask myself the big question – assuming that this item will fit me forever, is this a classic style that I will always want to wear for many years to come, or is it a passing fad that will be “so last year” that I will only want to wear it a few times before giving it to Goodwill. And then there is the time factor “do I really have the TIME to sew this?” I have so much fabric that I have purchased with projects in mind that I will probably never get around to sewing! I just don’t have the time!

And there have been items that I have made by hand, to sell, and found that customers were not willing to pay the price because they wanted hand made quality at flea market prices. And there have been the hand knitted scarf gifts to nieces that took five hours and twenty dollars of yarn to knit, and the girl thought it was a wonderful gift – and so did her cat! She used it as a cat toy! When she showed me how she was using it as a cat toy, I asked her to let me have it, and when she gave it to me I handed it to her mother (my sister) and told her that it took me five hours to knit and $20 for the yarn and I would appreciate it if she would put it “away in a safe place” until the girl could appreciate the scarf as a scarf and not as a cat toy! And then there are the quillows that I’ve made – my family LOVES them SO MUCH that they are afraid to USE them, for fear that their kids will ruin them, so they are packed away until the kids are grown and moved out of the house, and any hand made items given to them are “too good to use.”