Test of a an image format of the blog

fabric tissue box cover

Fabric tissue box cover that I made

This is a test of the image format of the blog. I had no idea how this will look at this point in time. Interestingly enough, when I click on the preview button, the title of the post does not show up as published. I’ll have to try to remember this!

The photograph is of a fabric tissue box cover that I made. Several years ago I went to a craft fair and saw a vendor selling these types of tissue box covers. I bought one (I think she was selling them for $5.00, which was completely reasonable as far as I’m concerned.) I took it home and reverse-engineered it so that I could make some from the fabrics that I like. I’ve made a wide variety of these cute little cozies and given them as gifts, and they have always been very well received. This particular tissue box cover is used in my kitchen, which has a pansy theme.