Crazy lady on Facebook

Nancy Marxen barges in uninvited on my Facebook account

Today I was minding my own business on Facebook when a lady I had never heard of before sent me a private message that was both political and religious, and I found to be contrary to my own beliefs. I responded to her telling her that I don’t know who she is and to please not message me again, that I did not share her beliefs. Then she replied with thinly veiled “threats” of my eternal damnation.  I asked her a second time to not message me again. Then I think she must have taken some action to block me because when I wrote that if she continued to contact me that I would report her to Facebook as harassing me, but that message would not “send.” When I clicked on her Facebook link I was shown an error page, so I think she probably blocked me before I could block her. But I have reported her to Facebook just the same, and saved a screenshot of the dialogue.

I am trying to put a copy of that screenshot here on this post, so I can then post it to Facebook. It sounds like a crazy long way around, but I’m not having any luck with Facebook itself. so, let us see what happens here!

And folks, I know this is crazy silly political season. I really don’t want to have political discussions on this blog. This post really is about crazy people barging in uninvited to Facebook and making fools out of themselves. So please, spare me the politics and the religion, OK? Thank you!